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"Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone's potential."



Debra Ruh

Ash is a white woman seen here with pink hair and glasses while leaning forward in a multicolor coat

Led by Ash Miller, Vivacious Self was created to bring greater accessibility and embodiment for all. Her teachings place an emphasis on those who live in bodies that challenge this notion.


Her work centers around building connection with yourself and others, body movement, and mindfulness with a dedication to the disabled and those living with chronic health conditions.

Accessible Embodiment



  • a. capable of being reached

      b. easy to speak to or deal with

  • ​capable of being used or seen

  • capable of being understood or appreciated

  • capable of being influenced

  • easily used or accessed by people with disabilities; adapted for use by people with disabilities.


\ im-ˈbä-di-mənt\

  • one that embodies something

  • the act of embodying


\ im-ˈbä-dē\

  • to give a body to (a spirit)

  • a. to deprive of spirituality 

      b. to make concrete and perceptible 

  • to cause to become a body or a part of a body

  • to represent in human or animal form

The definitions above come from the Merriam-Webster dictionary circa 2020. They shed a little bit of light on the words used as the primary focus of Vivacious Self. Chances are really good you've hit times in your life where you thirst for something... else. Where you want more art, more vibrance, more joy, more laughter, and more fun! Vivacious Self is out to guide you through ways to connect to that wonder and thirst for life. Dive in to some new skills or reconnect to older ones. Join in a place where you can connect to others as together we all explore what it means to art.


Classes (pre-recorded and live), workshops, and community events are on the horizon. 

Stay tuned for those announcements!    


I'd love to hear from you

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