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Consulting & Coaching

Are you looking for a more personalized direction? I am available for a wide variety of consulting and coaching services. If your needs seem to be outside the general realms listed here send me an a-mail at for a further inquiry! Please note that while I may not be a good fit for you - whenever possible I will provide you with a selection of other amazing people who may be a better fit!

  • Accessibility Consulting - work 1:1 with me as we review your business or locations and create a game plan for increasing your accessibility. My specialties include reviewing menus and snack options; introducing or incorporating modifications to activities, workspaces, performance spaces, websites, and digital service platforms to allow them to be more accessible to the disabled or learning differences communities; and language and word choice to improve inclusivity. 

  • Website Check Up - full website review including font, coloring, language use, link viability, image review, spelling and grammatical errors. 

  • Performance Coaching - Applicable realms include: public speaking, professional presentation, modeling, dance, sensuality, burlesque, and curriculum coaching.

Expressions of Confidence

Are you looking to learn new skills in the realms of confidence? Feel like you could use a confidence boost? Or maybe just a reminder of what an absolute badass babe you are? Look no further than these amazing expressions of confidence courses!

Courses here include the following:

  • Zoom Warm Ups - get ready to rock your next Zoom call with these handy warm ups modified from theater and performance work! From business calls to date nights these exercises will help you come across confident and ready to roll!

  • Public Speaking Bootcamp - In the new ways of things we are called on to practice our public speaking on the regular and these courses will give you an interactive space to practice and build those skills!

  • Classic Burlesque - learn some fun and sassy ways to move your body! These courses range from skills for the "I've Never Danced Before" crowd to the "I Want To Polish My Acts" crowd. No performances required but information on how to plug into the digital performance world are made available.

  • Sensual Movement & Me - take some dives with me as we explore the worlds of sensual movement. These courses are focused on tapping into that inner bombshell and letting them come out to play!

Social Media Management & Branding

Work directly with me to build or improve your brand. With 6+ years of experience working with primarily artists and small businesses, I take pride in helping my clients promote their works while maintaining an authentic and active voice. I will work to connect you with local providers for everything from logo design to photography. My network is currently based in the United States.

  • Instagram

  • Facebook Pages

  • Facebook Groups

  • Brand development

  • Content creation

  • Content management & planning

Accessible Yoga

Yoga offerings designed and cultivated with accessibility at their core. Pre-recorded classes featuring suggested tools/props and pose lists in the class materials. Live classes with tools/props and pose lists provided prior to class times. All classes designed to be able to be done in a home environment unless otherwise noted. 

Including but not limited to: 

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Chair Yoga

  • Diabetic Friendly flows & sequences

  • Hatha Yoga

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